Are you a visual practitioner?

Are you trained as a graphic recorder, visual facilitator, consultant or trainer? Do you love sketchnoting and visual storytelling? In other words, do you use visual thinking in your daily work, for yourself or to help others?

You would like to develop your posture and your practice?

But there is one problem…

Today there are many trainings in visual thinking, plenty of inspiring networks for visual practitioners, fascinating books on the topic, and so on.

But we are still missing opportunities to develop and enrich our professional practice in a more structured way.

Many visual practitioners (graphic recorders, scribes, visual facilitators, visual consultants, sketchnoters…) can easily feel lost or stuck in front of their challenges.

You don’t have to stay alone!

What is the cycle “Draw to grow”?

  • A program with 6 sessions of professional codevelopment, 1 launching session and 1 closing session, all spread over the course of 8 months.
  • One 2-hour session per month.
  • A group of 5-6 visual practitioners. Once it is created, the group remains the same during the whole program.
  • All sessions happen online on ZOOM.


What about me?

Je suis Mathilde Riou et je suis passionnée par le dessin comme moyen de déclencher des prises de conscience, de rendre visible ce qui ne l’est pas, et d’amener les individus et les groupes à se dépasser.

De formation ingénieure urbaniste, j’ai travaillé plusieurs années dans le domaine de 
l’aménagement participatif des territoires. Aujourd’hui je suis facilitatrice de codéveloppement et facilitatrice graphique, et je vis au Danemark. J’ai été formée à la facilitation de co-développement professionnel par Codév&Co (Anne Wormser et Elodie Vialle) à Lyon.

Practical Information

Le cycle de codéveloppement professionnel pour facilitateurs graphiques* n’est pas ouvert aux inscriptions pour le moment.
Vous pouvez vous inscrire sur la liste d’attente ci-dessous pour recevoir en avant-première des informations sur les prochains lancements. 

Le prochain cycle de codéveloppement professionnel pour facilitateurs graphiques* est ouvert aux inscriptions. La séance de lancement aura lieu le jeudi 10 novembre 2022 de 18h à 20h.

La date et l’horaire des séances suivantes seront décidés par les participants eux-mêmes, d’une séance sur l’autre (en croisant les agendas de chacun).

*This is not a training in graphic facilitation, graphic recording or visual thinking. This 8-months program is for beginner to experienced practitioners who are looking to improve their professional practice, through structured interactions with peers.

I want to be updated about the next launch!

Price and registration

The cost of the program is €445. By registering, you plan to participate to all sessions, as the group must remain the same throughout the whole journey. Your registration gives you access to a total of 16 hours of group support, remotely (on ZOOM), in an interactive and engaging setting: 

  • 6 professional co-development sessions, one 2-hour session per month
  • 1 launch session (2 hours) to discover the group and the basics of co-development
  • 1 closing session (2 hours) to share the group’s learnings 
  • 1 WhatsApp group or equivalent with regular content: the participants' productions, best practices, and events and resources related to visual thinking
  • New methodological tools, visual exercises and facilitation tips during each session
  • A booklet of the group's learning with the participants' contributions
  • A group dynamic with strong connections to others

Are you ready to embark on the adventure? I look forward to meeting you! Still hesitating? I am happy to chat with you to see if this cycle meets your expectations. 

Follow the steps below to complete your registration. Other payment methods exist, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss at

Do you have questions?

It is a group approach to help professionals develop their practice and cope with their daily situations, through the sharing of experiences and good practices with others. Each person in the group takes the role of "client" or "consultant" in a 6-step consultation process led by a facilitator. It creates a nurturing space that can foster trust, empathy, new ideas and action.  

Only the first date is defined in advance, the following ones will be decided by the participants themselves at the end of each session (by checking agendas until we find a time slot that suits everyone). 

There is no obligation. It is a powerful supportive space where discussions can continue between co-development sessions. I saw a lot of creativity and collaboration unfold among the participants thanks to such a space!

I launch several cycles throughout the year. You can subscribe to the waiting list if you wish to be informed of the upcoming dates.

The co-development group enables you to deeply connect with other professionals, beyond your initial network. It opens up a space of trust where people create strong bonds that last long after the cycle has finished.  

Yes! We will use visual exercises during inclusion and at closure, and also at different stages of the co-development process. The intention will always be to use visuals to help the client move forward on his situation, without depriving him of his subject. 

Le cycle est pour celles et ceux qui utilisent les outils de la pensée visuelle dans un cadre professionnel (sketchnotes, graphic recording, animation de réunions par le visuel, illustration, etc.), ou bien qui ont le projet de développer cet aspect dans leur métier. 

Oui ! La magie du codéveloppement, c’est que chacun a quelque chose à apprendre, et quelque chose à offrir (quel que soit son niveau). Car que l’on soit débutant ou expérimenté, on possède chacun des talents et compétences qui dépassent notre expertise professionnelle. Dès lors qu’elles sont combinées, ces expériences font émerger des solutions nouvelles et créer des dynamiques qui vont bien plus loin que lorsque l’on réfléchit seul.

Co-development is nothing like a training in visual thinking, graphic recording or visual facilitation. It is for visual practitioners of all levels who wish to improve their posture and professional practice through structured interaction with peers.